Battle of the giants lets Reds stroll to victory

New Cross Irregulars 5 PFFC 0 Husaria 6

Rob, 3 April 2016


This month’s encounter was the most bizarre game of 3sided football that I’ve ever been involved in. At times, in fact, it was more like a two-sided game! New Cross Irregulars and Husaria, who are neck-and-neck in the race for the title, decided to attack each other (sometimes literally) and ignore our goalmouth for most of the hour. Philosophy Football’s back three could have played Jenga for the majority of that hour, so rarely were we troubled.

As a result, perhaps, this was PFFC’s biggest win in the 3sided game, and was perhaps all the more satisfying as we had only the regulation five playing. Rob took his usual place between the sticks, Leo made a solid debut at left back, Mark marshalled the right side of defence with authority, Ömer, our midfield dynamo, called to mind Özil in the way he created chances galore, and we welcomed back ‘spring-heeled’ Jack Summerhayes up front.

The opening salvo was cagey but both Husaria and New Cross nibbled away at each other, keeping each other’s keepers very busy. We were happy to assist either of them in attack, and neither of our opponents felt the affinity to gang up against us.

In fact it stayed that way for the remainder of the game. We scored a blinder and played with great discipline and, despite our initial fears that we would be totally obliterated by the two league leaders, it turned out to be our easiest victory in 3sided football ... ever!


PFFC: Rob; Mark, Leo; Ömer; Jack.