Husaria unassailable as Reds secure second

PFFC 2 Deptford 3 Sided FC 4 Husaria 0

Mark Mayo, 6 December 2015


In a game of desperate scrambles, the first was a scramble to field a full team. At kick-off, Duncan, Ömer, Michele and Mark were joined by a fifth player lent by one of the other teams. Fortunately our stand-in turned out to be a Pole rather than a Trojan Horse and, in the first third, he battled admirably for his adopted cause. If we had started with four players, our opposition – D3FC and Husaria – may well have conspired to take out their weakened opponent early on. In the end it was D3FC who were the victims of a conspiracy, conceding three goals and enduring heavy pressure. It could have been so much worse for them as Michele hit the post twice and helped force a string of good saves, and at the break we went in PFFC 0 – D3FC 3 – Husaria 0.

In the second third we took the field at full strength, our fifth member, Nick, having arrived during the first period. Now the tables turned and Husaria, possibly bribed with more cans of Lech, switched allegiances. A mostly defensive performance for PFFC, during which two were conceded, was punctuated with a moment of sheer brilliance – or complete fluke – when Ömer lobbed the Deptford goal from long range, a bit like Nelson Ferreira at Highbury. The period ended 2–4–0.

The final third saw a defensive masterclass from PFFC. Husaria and D3FC should have realised that they were never going to score and concentrated on attacking each other, but foolishly they carried on. Their attacking prowess was simply no match for our defensive arsenal of wild clearances, looped headers and lucky deflections. #youaintscoringbruv.