No-shows mean no chance

PFFC 3 Husaria 2 New Cross Irregulars 1

Rob, 2017


Yet again, 5 becomes 4 due to unavailability of players. Plus again we have an AA no show. this the beginning of the end of the 6-team 3sided league?


New Cross, the champions, turn up without Ben and Owen and Husaria too, are not fully equipped, looking to muster in a loanee from Kosovo to become quorate! A general sense of both anarchy and reluctance sees a group of four individuals who occasionally turn up to watch the game, make up a team for the second game to go ahead, whilst PFFC, Husaria and NewCross make up the other game. We kick off late and thankfully this time are more disciplined with our sojourns upfield. We have an eventful first half with two goal line clearances from (Magic) Mark and then a great 1-2 combination between Andrew and Ömer sees Andrew blast the ball past Greg in the Husaria goal. New Cross add a second and at the end of the first third, sees the scores as follows; Husaria 2 PFFC 0 New Cross 0. The second of the three 20 min spells sees a continual ebb and flow between the 3 goals. Ömer launching some spectacular efforts at the Polish goal, some smart saves from all the keepers until a wicked deflection crawls over the PFFC line to complete the action at the end of a pulsating ‘half’. The final third is marked by a catalogue of odd occurrences. A bizarre second goal against PFFC, when in trying to clear the ball, Ömer hits it against a NX player and it then pinballs between them both before cannoning off of poor Ömers nose and loops into the net, past a stranded Rob, who had committed himself diving to the try and save the first shot! John, for NX, scored the own goal of the season, heading sturdily past his own keeper, when seemingly under no pressure and then a lobbed shot sailed over both Rob and Mark, hit the bar and rather than bounce out, slid down and bounced over the line before being hacked away....goal line technology, through an honest appraisal of the situation gave it as a goal! We then saw some unnecessary fouls by one the Polish brethren and this perhaps soured the game somewhat but at the final whistle, all be it with an added few minutes, saw PFFC take another hit, losing with the following score line; PFFC 3 Husaria 2 New Cross 1. Ah well, there’s always November!!

Squad: Rob, Mark, Ömer, Andrew.