Hard graft makes point for sharp Philosophy

Grafton 2 PFFC 5

Brian, 22 April 2001


The Gaffer demanded a big effort for this game but even he must have been surprised by the bulk of the team getting to the ground ahead of the milkman.

This early arrival gave the Thinkers time to work on some unusual set pieces (simultaneous corners from either side of the box stands out in the memory).

This obviously had the desired effect when, within five minutes of kick-off, early dominance was translated into a goal by a swerving long-range effort from loan-signing Matteo, making his league debut.

As the first half wore on it became clear that Filippo had picked up more than the usual duty-free on his trip to Milan the previous week. His thrusting runs down the right flank had Grafton rocking more than the audience at a Shakin’ Stevens concert.

Moments before half time his solid tackle and pass set up a movement which even he looked shocked to finish with a well-taken shot past the stunned bulk of the Grafton keeper. Filippo’s celebrations owed more to the San Siro than Dulwich and referee Joe did little to dispel the home team’s feelings of paranoia by letting Filippo off without the customary caution.

Grafton showed little enterprise or guile up front throughout the game. Most attacks seemed to end with the ball on the southbound carriageway of the A205. Brian and Paul both hit passing lorries and perhaps the best touch of the day was shown by the man in the white van who stopped, trapped the ball and chipped the fence to let the game continue.

Grafton were largely reduced to speculative efforts from outside the box which, even on a springy Astro surface, the feline Rob dealt with comfortably.

However, a rare defensive slip let Grafton back into the game with a poacher’s effort from a distant product of their team’s youth policy.

PFFC responded quickly with Rich taking two second half goals from the head and boot.

The Gaffer’s emphasis on a big squad paid dividends when he joined Joe and Sola among the second half substitutes to add some steel to the tiring Philosophy team.

Grafton came back strong and scored their second goal in the midst of PFFC exploring the true meaning of total football (i.e. the defence going walkabout), but must eventually have felt that they escaped lightly losing by only three goals.

All in all another splendid performance from the men in red.