Camus v Sartre, picture 7

Sartre: Albert, to play by the rules simply because they are the rules is to play in bad faith. One must find one's own essence in one's actions, be they acceptable to others or not.
Camus: Indeed so. One must stand back from the unthinking responses of society and observe what happens in and around one without passion in order to be true to oneself. Whether good or bad, they have no significance other than the way in which they bring one close to one's own existence.
Sartre: Say what you like but you were lucky to get away with a yellow card, my son.





























Camus v Sartre, picture 8

Sartre: But if there is simply an aching void where once we constructed elaborate moral systems, then is there nothing left for us now but a life of hedonism?
Camus: You are just saying that because you fancy my bird.
Sartre: Even your use of the possessive pronoun shows you trapped within discredited bourgeois cultural mores. We must stand alone - free, naked essences before the howling gale of being, of time, of nothingness!
Camus: Naked? You want to see Marie-Ange naked?
Sartre: But after all, it is nothing I have not seen before...





























Camus v Sartre, picture 9

Camus: We must proclaim the flouting of convention. See, only convention says that I should sit in that seat. So now I am in your seat.
Blimey, I only nipped to the loo.